Why do I hate php so much :/

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    I do not hate it. I love it for small web projects
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    @edwrodrig oh, that's probably because you haven't tried anything else :P
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    @rusty-hacker I am currenty programming in C, C++, PHP, javascript. I have programmed (at work) in java (plain, spring and android), perl, python (plain and django). So I tried a few languages.
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    @rusty-hacker i think he might used other things too.
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    @sovietspy2 no shit Sherlock
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    Peoples hates php bcoz you can make something works easily, so there are a lot of shit code in php.
    Just write clean code in php 7 and you'll get something very fast and good.
    I did a lot of project (big or small) with it, nothing to say.. also try laravel
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    So personally I prefer to rely on a thin server layer which provides rest apis or uses websockets to pass data between the client and server/db. Put
    the taskbof rendering on the jsclient/native apps.

    When writing rest apis, you have to be careful that the libs dont decide to produce warning which means your client cannot parse json, cannot change header status code... (i.e. mysqli produces warnings if it cannot connect to db) - I know how to deal with it, but it is an odd behaviour.

    The other issue is when working an already established project on or working with someone else who "knows" php. Why does the language allow require() in the middle of the page, inside an if statement. And dont get me started on the sudden calls to exit/die which are hard to track down.

    All of these combined would give me a terrible feeling when I have to go near it.
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    Why do u hate it? What's your goto language then?
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    Because it's a trash language, coldfusion is by far way better, sadly adobe is a crap company and charged for it instead of making it open source, if it was PHP would of never survived
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