Git... I just love it!

Oh, and Guake Terminal on Ubuntu :)

And Sublime Text...

Why? Because they get out of your way and just help you get stuff done...safely.

PS: also Trello :)

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    If you havent tried Atom, give it a spin. Very sublime like, but open source and with a large plugin community
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    @nicholai I will give it another try. Hope now I can access remote folders over native ftp in ubuntu. It was the only thing that made me stay with Sublime
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    @nicholai I tried Atom for a long time, but having as many plugins as Sublime installed, made Atome VERY slow to start up. (Like 15+ seconds), rendering it unusable for quick fixes for me.
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    @aritzh these are the olden days of Atom in it's infancy. I have 20 plugins and no noticeable delay in start up
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    @nicholai Will have to give it a try again then ;-)
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