Thanks, AfterShip.com, for working flawlessly while the system I was building was in dev/test mode and for the first few days in live mode, then completely crapping the bed the first day I needed you to work with real tracking data with the live system. You were the ONE thing that was working consistently well, and you had to go and ruin it.

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    I've been running aftership API live for a few weeks. It best not crap the bed on me.
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    @kunashe I'm using the CSV import from FTP app. It connects fine. The file format suddenly seems to be bad but a side-by-side comparison of the sample CSV and the live CSV shows nothing of note. Aftership support always takes 2 days to get back to me.
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    Two days response is a little much especially if you can no longer move forward on your own.
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    Turned out to be special chars in the file the fulfillment company generated. Once those were eliminated all was well. But a little more specificity in error messages from AfterShip would have shortened this process. Still haven't heard back from Aftership.
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