We have this guy who is responsible for software testing, user support and stuff. Not a programmer but with good technical base knowledge. He was interested in writing automated tests, and I told him he might take some time to learn and help us there. In the last months I had to answer and explain a gazillion questions about our codebase and coding in general and it took me lot of time. But last week he showed me his first test suite which was actually good code and showed a lot of understanding of all aspects of this. This was more satisfying than anything on work ever.

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    Teaching interested students is often very rewarding :)
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    @bigmonsterlover Yes absolutely. I guess in two years or so he can join the dev side and earn much more money.
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    That feeling is a great motivator and even better when your time answering questions pays off!
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    We've got a similar guy. I feel like if our dev team created enough test helpers and Object Mothers, he should have enough to add API coverage to our legacy instead of trying to build flaky end-2-end tests that rely on unfixed db fixtures.
    I love to help him out he's got the perfect mind for it
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    Hey , this is devrant.
    The purpose is to fell better by knowing someone else is suffering more than me.

    Joke aside, great you met that guy. These persons are highly productive.
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    Update: the Devs are adding API coverage now! It's got tickets and everything 🥳

    Beautiful to see and they're good tests so far
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