I actually love GitKraken, it's a very cool and awesome Git Client :-)
It helps me a lot and saves time.

Do you use it?

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    Used to. Although I understand that they went commercial, i don't like software that requires my email address for me to use it!
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    I started using it now. Only loading times could be better (I mean, it's starting off of a SSD...)
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    Way too slow to load which is a major blocker for me.
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    As a guy who almost exclusively uses the git bash tools, I did find it quite slow by comparison. Comparing it with PHPStorm's in-built client though, it's far better for sure.
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    Mostly use it to see what I changed in files and to resolve merge conflicts...otherwise git cli
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    I git-cli all the way, but have recently started to use GitSavvy for Sublime Text. That one is a fraking awesome plugin
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