Why is it formatted like this? Cant they just do a \n on a capital Letter? This looks so terriblešŸ˜¢

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    It's called Photo Directo R

    it's like Dragon Ball Z or Megaman X
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    @Huuugo oh ok didn't realize thatšŸ¤”šŸ˜‚
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    @Huuugo but with other Fonts it changes the name to PhotoDirector... I think this app is magic
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    @Akjon some Fonts fit but others don't...
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    The system should provide a way to define optional newlines, that can be provided within the text. They are ignored and invisible if the text fits in one line and evaluate to a newline if the text exceeds line width.
    I don't know if Android supports something like this?

    But it should not wrap text on its own if not intentionally told to do so. That's too error prone.
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    @ddephor there already exists a standard for that: &zwsp;

    Its an invisible zero width space character to indicate possible line continuation.

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    @Voxera Ahh, thanks for the link, I did'nt know that there is a standard for this.

    I just knew some proprietary implementations to get the same result.

    And a quick search shows that there seem to be some functions in then Android API that support it (not sure where they can be used, after that quick glance).
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    @Voxera woah you just gave me a brilliant idea for the PDF generation class I had to implement, thanks :D

    I had some extremely complicated and probably extremely wrong algorithm lol (tried width checking but that didn't work to well :/)
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    @Huuugo Dragonballz. I have been enlightened.
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