Boss: some consultants worked on this feature extending some legacy code
Boss: it's 90% done
Boss: they used FTP. It uses iframes and we fired them when they couldn't get the frontend modules working in sync with the backend.
Me: git checkout -b herewegoagain
git diff-tree --no-commit-id --name-only -r 666w3wl4d
*copy output list of files to sublime text 3; select all lines; add to each:
gitk --follow [filename] > src/.notes/herewegoagain/[filename].diff
Me: It's -10% done. you'll know I'm almost done when I enter the fugue state. You'll find me at this address. Give me this USB stick and a 4 pack of redbull and I'll do the merge.

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    welcome to dev rant. A huge merge operation is a heavy thing to do.
    don't forget to test...
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    go create your cool avatar
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    @magicMirror tell me about it. know of any good reads for architecting automatic testing on data that simply won't fit into an orm? (these guys have secondary firms deving a secondary software that interacts with the same database)
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    @unfuckers-inc data that won't fit in orm? huh?
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    I'm expecting you to complete it ASAP. And about the red bulls, I'll talk to the HR about what we can do.
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