buying a car is such an exhausting and depressing experience. i feel like being less of a man and somewhat blind right now.

I, a 24 year old guy, have never driven a car. afaik, we were poor, my city's public infrastructure is very good and cheap, and my family majorly never needed it.

6 years ago, i got my first 2 wheeler. i still didn't needed it but dad did, and so i learnt it a bit, was somewhat comfortable driving it on my own, gave a driving test, failed, nd forgot about it ( coz again, still not needed much). to this day this bit is true about me.

at that time my father had bought a few scooters before, so he had some experience, and we ended up buying a new one. currently that fella sits outside our home and my father uses it for supplies.

coming to 2023, i was/am thinking of buying a car. why? coz (1) car trips while sitting in the backseat have been super fun (2) people with cars tend to reach anywhere independently, and help others easily (3) my few friends have one and they are super smug about it and (4) i am starting a wfo job which requires 2 days of wfo and is 60km away from home (although train route with 3 interchanges is less time taking)


1. buy first or learn to drive first or get a driving license first?
getting a learner's permit is like filling a form; driving schools require no documents but money, and car sellers also do not want any complicated documents. so first step is easy for all.
HOWEVER, driving schools teach the very basics and are controlling your car for 90 % of the time. you can't learn without having your own car, but at the same time you can't buy new car just to *learn*, you will end up denting it.

2. the confusion around how to buy a car?
there are so many fucking parameters.

money being tha major 1 : old cars are coming from $800-$12000 new cars start at $8000 . my current budget is aroud 3-4k as I want to learn on it first with an expected usage of <1000 km per month

brand : there are literally 1000+ models whose base varients start at 8-9k and whose used version is available in my range. i have no idea how to choose.

year : in our country, a petrol car's registration expires in 15 years. cars from 2009 to 2012 are coming in my range but they are gonna expire in 1-4 year . not sure if its a deal breaker, as i plan to buy a new car later, but people are warning me about usage.

km driven : not 1 person is there who i talked to and told me to trust the kms on odometer. most of the cars i saw show 30-60,000kms driven but i am expecting them to be 5-7x more

cng/petrol : cng is cheaper, while petrol is better for engine life, from what i heard. I was inclined towards cng, but everyone i discussed adviced against this as those cars tend to have been driven for very long due to mileage efficiency.

engine power, cc, power steering, body... there are so many stuff that neither i know about and nor am i considering, which makes me more sad and scared of these deals. i have never bought anything without a proper research.

overall its the first time when i am feeling so much dependent on others and being an inefficient and inexperienced adult . my family once bought a used car 10 years ago, which was a total sham and got us to spend so much on it that we had to sell it for scrap in 3 months. It was a painful and nightmarish experience. i don't want that.

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    i have not even started about the problems with people.
    1. used car dealers are untrustworthy from what i heard. one should get a car tested by mechanic .

    2. mechanics are assholes who wanna make car buyers their permanent customers, as per my family. they know multiple mechanics and trust no one to give a sound advice

    3. having sour relations with neighbours and relatives bites in the ass when you want to buy such an expensive item and have no one to guide/help. thank you mom nd dad :/

    4. "every neighbour is selfish and wanna exploit our simplicity, let's keep our shields up, do loud fights with everyone, have no friends, and do not contribute to society stuff" ~ yeah , that's the strategy you should be keeping if you live on the top floor of a block with 4 adjacent buildings and 15 similar homes and expect to get a car parking under your home /s .

    people WILL take revenge. your tyres will be punctured and ink stains on your car. you pay the price for not being political :/
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    I'd say you're overthinking... everything.

    Just get a drivers licence and learn the rules first.

    Even if they teach you nothing practical, you will at least know the rules. And even good teacher can't teach you everything.

    After that, just buy some cheap car, that you can learn to drive with, and scratch it all over the place.
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    If I lived in a place where I could get to work without a car I would never drive to work. The maintenance sucks, the gas sucks, and driving with assholes sucks. When I lived in a bigger town the bus was a God send. I could sleep to and from work. If I needed to drive for some reason I would keep a car just for that. Lower wear and tear.
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    @WildOrangutan totally agree . I would only check what gas is cheaper for my usage. Check if tires are OK.. Check if timing belt has to be replaced if it has one. My country requires "apk" which means proof that your car is safe. This is renewed every year... But you want to have this recently renewed by purchase. Many cars 2000,- and up match this criteria.

    Me and my family purchased three times second handed fiat Punto with no regrets. Cheap to fix also.
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    I bought my fiat punto for 3k euros used one 2011 year. Such cars have often mechanical failures and u spend additional money on that shit. But at least it drives
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    Hehe, I was once in your shoes; I was 24 as well; after hours and hours on youtube, Reddit, and old car forums, I decided to get a Mercedes Benz GLK350 2015 model in Nigeria. It was an excellent option for our roads here, $10k two years ago (2020), and apart from the $100-200 for three-six months of servicing/checkup and a one-time I had to replace the AC compressor.

    I've had no issues with it so far.
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    Also, cars will make you fatter. I used to rollerblade to the bus stop to supplement. I was a lot fitter then.
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