Working with SSD is like working with an old man. It knows a lot, and tell you things right off the shelve, but it can die at any time.

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    @g-m-f it is pretty reliable. But just keep your work and anything that you might miss on a backup lol
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    @g-m-f it depends on the brand. A cheap SSD is less reliable than an expensive one, in large due to manufacturing shortcuts. An SSD can last as long as an HDD if properly configured. You won't get the blazing speeds, but still quite a bit faster than an HDD.
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    They're fine. Modern OSs constantly monitor and adjust them if needed. By the time they reach their end of life (personal use) we'll probably have some much more advanced technology anyway. In industrial use they're probably mirrored anyway.
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    I bought a 240gb adata ssd... Died after a year. Meanwhile my 120gb OCZ ssd is about 6 year old and still works fine
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    Does setting it up in RAID 0 makes a difference, like in the amount of years it will work ?
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    So chances are it would because you're splitting the writes to each drive in half. One of the main reasons (if not the main) an SSD will die is because too much data was written to the drive. Depending on the SSD, the type of technology used (MLC,TLC, can't remember the last one, SLC I think) can determine the life span (how much data written) it can withstand. Depending on the drive there are also programs made by the manufacturer that help monitor the drive.
    There's S.M.A.R.T but that doesn't always work.
    One of my SSDs is a Crucial MX300 (525GB SSD) and the program that is made by crucial gives deal good information on it.

    A note, be a little mindful when installing programs. Some may have bugs that cause more writes than necessary. For example, a bit ago Spotify would write unnecessarily 50GB of data an hour or a day, not even downloading music or anything. You can monitor the applications you have installed. I believe process hacker is what I use.
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    My Samsung 840 died after maybe two years from one second to the other. Suddenly Bluescreen and since then it's not even recognized in bios anymore.
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