When your project manager is a designer 😰😨😧😲😷

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    This 'can' be helpful, if done right. Im just writing an article about Design Thinking in Software Development 😂
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    Prepare for "I did it in Photoshop, why can't it be like this on the site/app?"
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    @Emphiliis that sounds like an interesting read. Mind sharing the link with me when it's on the line?
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    I've become more and more convinced that project managers, leads and product owners should be backend devs, maybe even sweaty neckbeard database admins.

    The concerns of design, UI/UX/frontend is plenty secure, because if the quality is lacking its noticeable in the short term. Everyone from sales to ops to the janitor will complain about an ugly button or annoying modal.

    Bad database design or inefficient algorithms however will slowly rot the project from within, and become painfully clear once the product scales and grows...
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