Uber stock vs Fb stock

Which one do you think has a better upside ?

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    Wouldn't invest in Uber that's for sure. And I think you're a few years too late to start investing in facebook
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    Uber has zero upsides
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    Uber doesn't trade publically yet, and would delay an IPO as late as humanly possible (according to Travis). So you really cant buy Uber stock yet.
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    Based on the comments you are better off buying winrar instead 🤔
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    @-psr @-psr I'm not buying any I have job offer from both. Trying to evaluate stocks
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    @nerdynerd I'd suggest not to make stock options a important factor on deciding on the offer.

    My take is Facebook stock is quite stable but not high growth, Uber's stock will, however, skyrocket when IPO is made. But it'll be volatile based on the news Uber becomes a part of.
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    @-psr uber pays 90% in stock. Only base is cash. If I choose uber I would have to stick with it to for quite some time. Also they are quoting stock price 20% higher than 3rd party valuations

    With facebook stocks are less but stable. They expect to have 30-35% yoy growth.

    Uber gave 2x fb stocks base and no sign on. Fb gave sign on and target bonus is also cash as opposed to uber.

    If I dont evaluate stock correctly I'm screwed in case of Uber.
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    That might be Uber's way of making sure you stay there long

    Uber's case does sound more risky and Facebook more safer, Facebook is one of the big 4. But you have two good offers lol, depends on how much risk tolerance you have. Uber's ethics aren't great. But sometimes more risk leads in more profit, sometimes not.
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