Every day I live in constant fear that the app I'm working on will break right before the demo

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    Let me put your fears to rest... Your demo WILL break. Murphy's Law demands it. 😁
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    Same happens with me..that is why I put at least 3-4 days just for testing and fixing those bugs before the demo.
    At least I know where all the bugs are before giving the demo.
    Always be prepared man.Always

    Btw All the best mate!
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    Even better when you have to go abroad with the demo that now works perfectly, but is connected to a 3G Wi-Fi signal which is too weak to load content quickly 🤣🤣🤣🔫
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    @tanmayvijay thanks tanmay, it did go well BTW 😂😂
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    I finished the app I was working on at work yesterday (Friday for me) 30 minutes before my work hours ended,

    I was trying to think of anything I missed before uploading it to the Google play store,

    Needless to say I left it till Monday because I expect to triple check it :/
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    @ruudyroon oh good job!
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