In 1 word: SUCKS
In 2 words: SUCKS HARD

Basically you work in companies that are either not tech oriented and use you as an extra (eg: fix printer, sort boss fantastic vacation pictures in his overpowered Mac) or if the company main business is tech, they are FANGS-wannabe that pretend to compete with world biggest companies with a severely understaffed crew that they pay as clerks

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    I was semi considering moving to Italy a few years ago. But after being there for a few months decided against it. I was also told how painful it is to do any business in there because it’s plagued by bureaucracy.
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    How is the mafia situation in Italy? Are they still the ones actually ruling the country and getting a share of everything?
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    @Oktokolo Where I live there’s not a strong presence of mafia, at least as far as I know. But the State takes such a big share of profit of companies that many are forced to close or take debts with banks (if they can).

    This basically unrolls the red carpet for mafia because when market shrinks and debts grow and the law doesn’t allow you to start again, guess who is willing to pay your debts…

    In exchange for control, loss of trust in the state…
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    @Oktokolo Anti Mafia laws are stronger in Italy than in most other EU countries. Germany has seen an article increase in organised crime recently.
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