Let's have a poll about $$$.

Vote and add other options if you like in the Comments

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    I'm in it for the money
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    I do it because I like it
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    Me: it's complicated.

    I did it for fun and a challenge... until I needed a job so now I do both

    But wish I could do just #2
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    @dfox I think we should have polling feature and Poll of the Week
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    I incremented all of them.... I guess i cant play this game
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    I write code because I love the problem solving, the designing, even the hunting for bugs.

    But that doesn't mean that I'm unaware of my market value... and more money can result in happiness when you spend it on people close to you, on hobbies and dreams.

    Working at a nice fun place, and especially on a product I believe in... that weighs heavier than the salary though. I wouldn't leave for a boring enterprisey office just to move up 10k.
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    Honestly, it's both for me.

    I currently work at an indie game design studio, and I really love the work. However, they can't pay me like anything, and that puts me under an insane amount of stress.

    I have to leave (or at best relegate it to my weekends) because the money isn't enough to cover even basic expenses (power, water, net, food, etc).

    So: enjoying the work is wonderful, but that will never be enough; there must be decent money, too.
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    Meh... I never liked these kind of inspirational messages. Most people don't have the luxury to have a job-hobby alignment. And when you clean bathrooms for a living it's not exactly something you wake up for. I mean who says "oh what a nice day! I wonder what kind of turds people left for me to clean today! I can't wait to go to work!"
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    @cyberlord64 true... It does first depends if you have the option.

    For me it's kind of like I may or may not...
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    I wouldn't do it if I want getting paid, but at the same time I would never do any other job.
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    I program because I love it, I program FOR OTHERS because of the money.
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    @cyberlord64 As a coder you can relatively easily get to a point where you can have a job-hopping attitude, there's a lot of demand.

    Whether it's good for your personal development, for your happiness or your career in the long term, depends how often you hop and for what reasons.

    Just like with romantic relationships, if you break up every time you have a little fight or difference of opinion, you won't just end up alone, you'll also never improve yourself.

    But if you're working for minimum wage on a project you can't get enthused about, where coworkers never take you seriously... it might be time to switch.
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