This evening for curiosity i executed a nmap over my android phone expecting (like everyday) all port closed.
But i see
9080/tcp open glrpc
Let me check something....
--adb shell
$cat /etc/net/tcp

And the first line provied me the UID of the app that was running on 9080 port (2378 in hex)
So let me check which app is that
$dumpsys package | grep -A1 "userId=*UID*"

And the answer is com.netflix.mediaclient

Why netflix is running a http server on 9080/tcp on and android phone??

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    Probably for some kind of service discovery when you are in a network with other devices also running Netflix.
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    Its MS Groove. Likely what other people said is true
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    @wolt Wouldn't that kill your ssh and adb over LAN?
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