Why can't I authenticate with my GitHub when I download this app on Android?

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    I am not sure, but there is a java v2 api, but no js api.
    Also, not many login services provide support for appcelerator titanium
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    It's not something people really seem to want. Likely because most developers probably don't want third-party accounts, especially social, tied to their GitHub account.
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    Kind of OAuth problem?
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    @setuid0 I think I know what @dfox is saying...
    No social media dev want to link another social media link.
    Think like this. You made facebook. But twitter was made after that and got more popular. There are more twitter users compared to fb users. Twitter users request to facebook, Hey, can I sign with my twitter account?
    Absolutely NO!
    That's what @dfox probably wanted to say
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    Smells like competition right?
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