>be me
>Get hit by a wave of depression
>Question the reason for your existence
>Open laptop start coding as a distraction
>Discover/invent/learn something new
Hey that's nice!!! (wait for the next wave of depression)

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    I feel this.
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    Need an interrupt after the questioning answering the questions. And then a do while not questioning, coding.
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    Good for you. I am currently in a mild to heavy depression phase but all i can really do is spend my days in the nature not touching my computer at all. That's really weird for me since I am the "the sun hates me"-type that's always hacking on something. But nature and sun is currently the only thing that really helps me.
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    @mrmarbury a blue light may help. Sun power without the sun.
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    @ragecoder fortunately the days are sunny and ( although a bit too) long so I can catch alot of sun. No artificial lights needed. I am in IT for around 20 years now and didn't do anything else. Not even in my spare time. So I don't see not wanting to use computers at the moment as a problem.
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    @mrmarbury I'm curious, how does it feel to be in it for so long...(I hope it's not the reason why you are depressed) do u feel Happy when you look back at your career... I'm looking for some advice as I am starting out as a programmer rather I'm trying to predict the output of the code called as life
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    @amateur64 it has nothing to do with my career. It is something entirely different. I love my job. It is just that I am currently not sad that dev or ops is not helping me but only nature does. And regarding the "how does it feel to be in so long" I can say that in most things I don't have to think anymore. You develop a natural feeling for what might be wrong. Because most basic things don't change ... ever. You develop a healthy calmness when others have panic 😁
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    @mrmarbury hmm that's nice
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    Regular schedule of life 😁
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