I was forced to attend a meeting about a project I wasn't part of.

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    Same here! Was forced to go to a meeting that didn't need me at all just cause nobody else wanted to attend.
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    Annnnnnd this is why I keep saying devs need to stand up for themselves. I think this is why lawyers love hourly pay. Waste an hour of their time in a meeting and it will cost you big time.
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    At least not forced to give the status of work you didn't do !!!
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    @heluvaguy yes that would have been awkward. I told the project manager that this is bullshit (and yes, I used that exact word) but he said it would be important regardless. I had no idea what everyone was talking about and I just sat there for 90min.
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    ALL of my meetings up until last month were like this!

    It's one thing to go around the room and get a quick status update, figure out what roadblocks are in the way and seeing if others can suggest solutions. It kind of forces teamwork, and at least you might get something out of that.

    It's another thing entirely to force people to go to meetings unrelated to their project, just out of rote. It's a complete disregard for the developer's time, and it shows poor leadership in my opinion.
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