Another stack overflow rant.

I had a disagreement with a self proclaimed "high repper" last night. We exchanged words in the comments of one of my questions.

Later (about ten mins) i see that another one of my questions has been closed and marked as duplicate - by this same fuck-knuckle. He has obviously gone to my profile and then gone out of his way to harass / bully me by doing this.

The 2 questions are absolutely not duplicates and he has marked them as identical.

I go to his profile and his headline thing is

"Low reppers hate closers but they need to go bitch about it elsewhere"

If anyone on here doesn't understand why SO gets a bad rap, it's specifically due to complete cunts like this guy.

If you happen to be on here and recognise yourself from the really cringy "low reppers" comment on your profile, then all I have to say to you is that you are a complete an utter ballbag; a tool; an arsehole of the highest order.

Fuck you and all your spawn.

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    @g-m-f yeah but because I'm a stubborn fucker I have flagged the duplicate for investigation by a moderator and also emailed stack exchange about him.

    Honestly just a complete and utter wanker.

    "High reppers", "low reppers" oh my god it makes me cringe. What a sad fuck.
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    @g-m-f yeah I wouldn't like to be that petty. Really fucking tempted though.

    I am gonna go and do that myself though. You can't see who down votes you can you?
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    I've voted to reopen your question. Unfortunately even "high reppers" can't immediately reopen and need a few reopen votes.
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    @configurator link to the closed question?
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    @GigaMick I read 'wanker' with a Scottish accent before looking at your profile 😅
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    @configurator thanks mate. How did you find the question?
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    @linuxxx haha nice one!
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    @GigaMick I Googled your website and "Stack Overflow".
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    @configurator cool. The question has been re-opened. Fuck that guy.
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    @configurator question was reopened. Thanks for the part you played in that.

    And fuck that guy.
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