Well... mmc.exe got blocked today after an update...

Microsoft management console that is... And a bunch of other stuff with it... Like device manager....

Eventually resorted to gpedit and even so I still can't print (🙃🙃).

Getting a fucking Mac with the idiotic touchbar and the ridiculously low ram tomorrow (for real).

Love having an Alienware with a 6700hq and a 950 pro that I can't take advantage of because of the OS fucking up all the time...

P.S. Yes I also have Linux on it but you can't really enjoy the.... 👽 side of things with it!

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    Have you tried turning it off and back on again?

    What about reinstall?
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    @DLMousey can't game on Linux though and if you can't game on an Alienware well....

    May as well jump in front of a train!!!
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