@dfox Any suggestions on how I should develop the algorithm to pick the items that should be shown on each Refresh?

Seems it's kind of slanted to the Provider that has the most processed emails in the DB.

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    @dfox and anyone else.

    Also wrong folder... that was my Inbox... 40 more messages left to clean.

    These are the Processed.
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    It's either @dfox or @No-one
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    @maester-Em yes was thinking making it OSS under Collabs but need an MVP first to fix my inbox problem
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    Are you serious, dude? Asking a specific person publicly to help you with a problem that is completely unrelated to this community? That's like I asked my mom on StackOverflow what there is for lunch
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    What is it suppose to do? Serious question. In text that always reads sarcastic.
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    @Huuugo uhm... Do you use Algo sort?
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    @penderis I subscribe to a huge # of email newsletters. Is like to read all of them but can't... I don't want to cut any out either.

    So I had a thought. I can leverage the idea: Ignorance is Bliss.

    I'm look the guy that buys everything but then realize I don't have enough money at the checkout line and then I feel hurt missing out on stuff I can't buy/read.

    So with this I'm thinking, I can get what I want and just enough but at the same time don't feel so bad because I don't know what I missed.
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    And here is a visual of my problem... I spend half my weekends "catching up"
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    @billgates I do similar. Just I press the read all button before viewing mail. Then scan subject for words that interest me, and since nothing is in bold it helps me not feel I need to read or even open it.
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    @billgates if you want serious help, enhance your question and put it on a coding forum. (hint: not SO, as seeking suggestions is Off-topic on SO)
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    @penderis Well I have other mails I do need to read. I read those first and usually when I get them.

    Then on weekends, I search is:unread. They're all in bold so guess that doesn't make a difference but I usually just start at the top or bottom.

    Guess maybe your way is better and easier, pick randomly by Subject... and I guess it results in the same thing.
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    @billgates the only filter you need is to aggregate the newsletters. Set option also to mark as read anyway. If visit label folder newest anyway first and surely you do not go past page 1? So limit result set to 25 and forget the rest
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    I don't really understand what you're asking :)
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    @dfox not sure what the :) means but I guess I'm asking how you manage to weight the results returned by Algo.

    i.e. 70% are recent, 20% are old, 10% are really old.
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    @dfox btw noticed your changes your BGColor... But it's not rainbow... Guess @trogus didn't like that idea... 😔

    I did see a 🌈 outside my home tho a few days ago
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    On refresh the algo accelerates the decay of rants that you have viewed already. They don't disappear, they just get some extra weighting to push them down further.
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    @trogus but how do you add the weighting and then return a page of results that was generated based off the weights.

    The only way I can think of is doing multiple random searches for each category (recent, less recent, old) and selecting Nx from each depending on the weighting...

    But that would be really slow and inefficient... Especially if you have a lot of categories.... And the weighting is different for everyone.
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    Guess @Huuugo was right... Maybe better to ask on SO... We're getting into a lot of technical details.

    btw so regarding the rainbow... 😁
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    @billgates pls read what I've written in braces...
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