I wanna make you feel what you have brought into my house!!

I was working with security cameras once in a home automation project. One of those camera particularly stand out by offering a cgi without password request to view and change the current passwort and username.

Seriously wtf is wrong with you? I mean this thing automatically connects to an internet service offering everyone to connect to it with that passwort and username. And I know some of you might say "hey chill the cgi is only available on the wifi" - dammit no. Security is a lifestyle do it complete or get the fuck out. God knows what other mistakes there might be hidden in that thing screaming out to everyone to watch me taking a shit.

But that's not the end of it. My company arranged a call to the technical support of that camera so that I can explain the problem and a patch gets released. Those guys didn't give a shit about it and were even laughing at me. Fuck you!

So whoever is responsible - I will find you - and you will never see me coming.

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    Well, they will see you coming, especially because of that camera.
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    @jxsl13 not if I can get into their WiFi and change the password - or even better maybe I can find a way to change the lifefeed >:D
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    What a bunch of jerks! Which manufacturer was this?
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    @TerriToniAX Well I don't wanna tell to much cause I might be in trouble if a coworker reads this but if you find a camera and its company starts with a D but their shop company name starts with an A then you are at the right place.
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