Finally done with school. It were three years of ups and downs.

The downs were plenty and mostly in the way school material was organized.

We've spend years learning web development where the course should have been more broad (application development)

So by the time my first internship period of half a year approached I searched for a company outside of web development and ended up at a company which did serious games using unity C#. Those were the best months of my 3 years. I managed to push the company into a direction for a future even though it was reletively small.

After that I took up .net and got the MTA C# Fundamentals certificate from microsoft itself. (School offered the exam).

Then there was the 2nd internship.
Worked for a company who sold intranets to other enterprises and I developed a mobile app which connected a user's phone to their account on their intranet. Allowing to seperate work and their private life.

That project was fun but the company itself was terrible. 4 people at the office and the owner treated us as objects rather than people. The company was too small for such an environment and most of them were irritated 9 times out of 10. Glad to be rid of them.

Now I'm in the process of looking for a job and have a meeting with a recruiter tomorrow

Wish me luck.

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