Can't decide which constellation of a homemade air conditioning system is better these days:

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    Dont put two fans behind each other like #1. Thats not how they work.
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    You may wish to enclose the two fan in something so you have a lovely wind tunnel.
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    @Kimmax @Artemix The first seemed to speed up overall according to the noise level.
    They are not directly at the cooling pad but close enough to slow down the speed which means the air must be sucked tight beneath the cooling pad.
    But it seems both setups are working equally good.
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    @mortanius You're right. However it isn't intended to be professional nor do I have a Inclosure for it that would fit onto my Subwoofer. 😉
    But good idea.
    I could probably add one cooling pad ontop of the fans. That should fo fine.
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    @LinusCDE oh I don't imply a pro enclosure. Some big books on top and on the sides should do it 😁😛😛
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    @mortanius Yes but I guess they wouln't quite fit onto my Subwoofer.
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    @LinusCDE nooo, the noise is is the result of the 2nd fan blowing air on the blade of the first fan, which generates turbulence.
    They shouldn't be stacked without a certain amount of space. If you want them close one should spin the opposite direction (Which requires differently aligned blades, otherwise you blow in the wrong direction)
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    @Kimmax Oh, I didn't know. I had put them that near at the cooling pack that thei good really trottled and were silent.
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