I came acorss this website


This is one of the FASTEST loading websites i have ever browsed. The interactivity is so smooth and seamless. No lags or stutters. Reloading the page takes under 0.1 seconds. The dude was so bored he even used click .mp3 sounds as you click or hover over links and buttons

This site is built in nextjs.

I keep seeing more and more nextjs sites. In job search i keep seeing nextjs requirements way more than before.

I cannot believe nextjs is this fast and powerful. It's not even hard to learn.

This motivates me to learn nextjs from a-z now

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    eh. on my phone the experience is not really next level.

    the hambuger menu stutters bad and loading times are fast but transitions bad. i think very few websites get transitions though as its quite limited

    ofcourse my phone isnt the best but a stuttering hamburger menu is not really what i get on other websites :/

    Okay edit: in brave and samsung internet it stutters but not in firefox. Guess its chrome based browsers fault

    im sure on a pc it feels smooth
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    The picture he uses looks like his eye hole skin covers peeled off and are hanging from the sockets. Like his eyelids are hanging below the eyes. I know they are supposed to be blush. But I cannot un-see the eyelids being flipped down.

    Neat website.
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    Josh is cool
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    Try this one: https://www.stroustrup.com/

    That's performance! I wish all sites are like that
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    @Nanos wow, didn't know anyone used it. It was a flash alternative right?
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    @Nanos I don't understand why they canceled flash either.. Amazing software
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    @Nanos use caddy. Just do:
    yourdomain.com {
    Reverse_proxy /* localhost:port
    In config file. Restart server and you have https domain
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    @Nanos yes. Linux. But you could run caddy in docker on windows host I guess
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    @Nanos oh, I see caddy can run on windows! I advise it
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    @Nanos only as complicated as you make it out to be my friend. I myself find coding confusing, which is why I focus more on the server side stuff lol
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    loaded the site up on mobile internet. NGL first time it took over 5 secs to render.

    Refreshing the page takes about 0.2 secs to finish which is cool
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    It's a decent site. At least on desktop, I saw nothing wrong with it. Clean, loads and performs well... nothing Earth-shattering, but it's good.

    But, it's also a site that could have been built with plain old HTML/CSS/JS without any issue. There's no real reason to have used Next except as a showcase of what you know (which is fine if that was the idea). Nothing I'm immediately seeing would have been difficult to do from scratch, and that would have been a meaningful demonstration of ability too.

    As a general statement, I really wish more devs would not *immediately* jump to use this framework/library/toolkit/whatever or that for sites where it doesn't have clear benefit. Sometimes it no doubt is the right choice, but not all the time.
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    Stay away from Next/ Nuxt if at some point you:
    * will need to decouple back-end from front-end (eg a Node API and an Nginx-served static front-end)
    * will need to replace the front-end framework they are built on (= restart from scratch)
    * get confused when you look at code mixing front- and back-end logic (=SSR, I do)
    * care about using the least JS possible.

    FWIW nodejs.org site has been rebuilt with Nextjs (it's 4x as heavy and twice as slow as its predecessor, but who notices the difference between 5mb/0.5s -> 20mb/1s and it does pack more features tbh)

    In a few years the creators of these stacks will crash and burn out or move on to more creative ventures. They are young and full of energy and churn out entire tool stacks at an insane pace (see also "unjs") even releasing a major version live at a conference talk. But the layers of dependencies these stacks rely on will become a nightmare for maintainers & users soon enough.
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    It is quite fast. navigating to a new page on mobile is basically perceived as instant in my eyes. At first I thought it was just jumping to areas on the same page.

    NextJs is great and there's plenty of similar frameworks trying to figure out how to simply write a component once and move it to have it either render on the server or client. (I recently tried Deno just because of that framework called Fresh, to write an ssr page with a few clientside sorting features)
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    @webketje I’m using Nuxt with a nesjts backend. Besides it being shit by nature (it is js after all), it works fine. What is the issue? I need to clean it up often to stop it from becoming a 2847377 mbs site, but that happens with every node project.
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    It‘s amusing how actions without perceivable delay is seen as something mind blowing in the js web world.
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    IMHO using node.js and js framework is needless and meaningless, when it comes to a simple blog website, like Josh's. I can make that with simple html/css/vanilla js and php/asp.net for the back end. It doesn't even have a comment section!

    If you are making facebook/twitter clone, then js framework is a must. I can't imagine the headache of making them with vanilla js.
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    @Lensflare right?! let us be quite and observe though, I am fascinated.
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    @jonas-w look at those shit sites. That doesnt count. They're ugly and unusable. I rated this example based on modern UI and simple UX which still loads super fast.

    I can make a blank canvas website for 0kb load speed and be in top 1.

    Look at elon musks site x.com. It literally just has x on it
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    @Nanos he bought x.com several years ago
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    @b2plane it has a big sentimal value for him. He's so sensitive. Aww
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    Josh also has some awesome articles there.

    One that was fun is when he explained the setup he had when he broke his arms or something, so he coded by voice for a while.
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    @Nanos no but he did talk about x.com a few times on twitter like 5-7 years ago, he said he's planning to build "the everything app" which will be hosted on x.com. Last year when he bought twitter he slightly mentioned "buying twitter will accelerate the process towards the everything app". He has never disclosed what the everything app is going to be
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    @ScribeOfGoD You can't code? Clown ass bitch ass punk. Criticizes others who can't code themselves without no evidence.
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    The latest article lags on scroll on mobile.
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