Hello world in different programming language.

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    Brainfuck... Whoever made that, you're my new hero.
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    Love the whitespace...
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    The Python one is wrong, print("Hello, world!") Is correct
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    Malbolge would be nice to see
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    Apperently in openGL the hello world equivalent is rendering a teapot, here's a link for anyone interested:

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    They seem to have missed HQ9+...
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    Python is just

    print("hello world")

    What the heck
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    @f03n1x teapot is more advanced, usually it's a triangle, and if you're feeling real fancy, a triangle with rgb coloured vertices
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    @DirtyBit oh right, it's what my lecturer taught us in our first lab and just quoting him. Was a fairly long lab but it was more to make sure everything was setup on our PCs.

    That class was so fun, we used JOGL, which was super outdated but the class projects we're fun to do, and the labs really helped.

    Was lucky to get a good lecturer, my friend did the class before and got the worst lecturer who would just read from a book and had lecturer slides of code screenshot'ed from his desktop.
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    @f03n1x I only finished first year so we haven't had any 3D yet, but I learned a bit of C++ and OpenGL until math came around and told me to gtfo
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    @DirtyBit ah right for openGL (called computer graphics) it's a second year computer science paper but a requirement for game programming which is a third year paper (another fun paper I might add lol), computer graphics had a bunch of math papers as a requirement. Was definitely tough to get into I had a shitty TA for algebra and discrete maths :/
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    @f03n1x I had discrete and calculus this year, next year is linear algebra and stats. I think there may be a 3D graphics module in 4th year but not entirely sure since the course is often changing
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    @DirtyBit my degree is a bit more focused on software engineering (that is unless I get accepted to switch to another, more practical degree)
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    The person who created this either didn't know python or likes overcomplicating things
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    @DirtyBit or Shakespearean?
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    I am ridiculously glad to see Brainfuck up there, because why the hell not.

    Also, based on the Smalltalk example, I am not terribly surprised by the Python example... based on my relatively limited knowledge of both Smalltalk and Python.

    Also, I tested the Python example on both Python2 and Python3. Results are weird. Why, Python.
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