Today I reached a point where I made an really bad looking, uneficient, unreadable function, but it works!, That's what counts right?!

Just kidding, I just couldn't fix it, hopefully the me from tomorrow will be smarter.

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    We all do it, just try make it pretty before you commit 🤣
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    Knowing it is ugly and that you cannot find a better way is the first step in improving it.

    That means you will be open to new ideas when they present them self, either through something you read or through a colleague's suggestion.

    If you on the other hand believe your code to be perfect and recent any new ideas or suggestions then it will never improve.

    So you are on the right track :D
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    @daarkfall Oh, good I thought I was the only one.
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    @Voxera thank you for your inspiring words, your very kind.
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    @cosme for me it's anything networky I have a bad habit of defining new sockets constantly during the 'dev' phase then rewriting it to use a pooled socket manager​ I don't every time without fail😔
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    Did the same today. I feel bad
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    It happens.. give it some time.. take a break.. maybe next when you edit the code, you might get some ideas to fix it..
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