Any recommendation for a programming monitor? I have seen cool setups here with long vertical rectangle-ish screen .What do you call it?🤔

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    Monitor shouldn't be the biggest of your worries, tbh. But if you want a long and rectangular monitor, then go for one that's like 24" or so.
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    It's just a flat monitor rotated on its side
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    Two Dell U2415 monitors in portrait (vertical) is my recommendation. These are 16:10 rather than the standard 16:9, so they're a little bit wider in portrait than normal monitors.
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    @mojaveazure something like this I am wondering. I have a very small laptop screen so thinking to get a monitor
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    @anekix Those are monitors in portrait orientation. It looks like those are 16:9 and the video is spanned across all three. To get that effect, you need a dedicated graphics card as most integrated graphics cards don't support monitor spanning. I use 16:10 instead of 16:9 as the former a little bit wider than the latter, and it makes a world of difference.
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    @mojaveazure thanks 😃
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    It's called pivoted. Make sure the screen you are going to buy is pivotable if this is important to you.
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