I did a little website where people can make reservations. I made an administration section where my client can create a reservation and delete them.

But every day damn I have this conversation. EVERY DAY between 9am and 10am:

My client to me: Can I ask you a question?
Me: Yes?
Client: [the question]
Me: Open the documentation i wrote for you.

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    Welcome to DevRant! The place where (most) people don't write docs :D Have a ++ for an avatar at 10 of these ^–^
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    @Tored thanks men!
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    @g-m-f I do documentation only because I don't want to be woken up at 9/10am... Oh wait...
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    I think most clients are allergic to docs or refuse to read them only to annoy devs^^
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    In clients/end user view:

    Documentation should come wrapped in plastic to be put on a shelf to lessen the echoing of the room, or in some cases to be displayed to visitors to show that you bought a real product ;)
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    Yup, we have the same problem, have to write docs (&how it all works behind the scenes) and they don't bother reading it.. o.O FML!
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    Creating chatbot !
    Returning 'check documentation's on every question
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    God bless you!
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    Welcomes muchies!
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