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    Oh hey, i dropped from college and its name is hululu college for autistics.
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    They also dropped out because of circumstances. They could either continue and lose momentum on their projects or drop out and stay on course.
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    @theGOD Hi brother
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    Wait, does it mean that dropping out of college does not mean you're supersmart?
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    I hate it when they say that 😑
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    I dropped out of highschool, and it worked out well.

    But indeed it's only a viable strategy if you drop out because you're motivated to learn on your own, not because you lack motivation for classes.
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    I not even visited a college =P its overrated
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    I decided to not continue college because I feel like I learn better on my own (not because I feel like school is pointless) and that this field is one of the few that make that a viable option; you manifest the skills you learn on your own with software.
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    Also, they dropped out of one of the world top-tiers university holding a multimillion product, not following an idea...
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    Hey God! I'm still waiting for my big break... Wtf man.. Call me when you get this! @theGOD
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