Me, going on a vacation
"Fuck yeah, finally a break, beach, grill, nice. Im not bringing my laptop, theres no way im touching any code."

Me, 10 minutes after i got on the bus
"Oh, i figured out whys that one thing not working, let me just get my lapt...shit"

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    That's why I code on my VPS! 😂
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    Bring your satellite 🛰 modem, then you can code wherever, whenever
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    Lesson learned. Bring the laptop 😀 also check the hotel lobby business office - you might get lucky 🍀
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    It's all a fallacy. You are no dev. You like the beach. You leave your laptop at home. You want to spend time not coding! I honestly get the jitters if i spend too long without doing something unrelated to coding.
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    I usually get a notepad for that kind of moments :)
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    note to self for the past 15 yrs .
    1 never leave home without keys (now on my smart phone with wifi enabled locks , so phone)
    2. laptop (i have a notebook even when driving to wholefoods for JIC ideas)
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