Never received a single good specification, just verbal gibberish instructions.

One of the things I got tired of, so I quit.

Suddenly, when the boss realized how fucked they are when I leave in two months and how much he needs me to do before that, starts sending prioritized, well written, well specified documents over new features and existing bugs.

Why didn't you fucking do that from start 😂

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    People act egotistical to a certain degree by nature (elsewise you wouldn't live for too long).
    Empathy is not a soft skill everyone has and even people who are very empathetic, can't relate to everything at hand, especially when they are busy.

    Have you tried to specifically tell your boss that he needs to be more specific before?

    Depending on your bosses experience and expertise, it's hard to understand your side of the progress.
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    @R5on11c Oh yea. Been here for ... a year and a half. Been telling this to both my bosses alot of times. 50% of the times there's an improvement... for two days, then back to gibberish 😅
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    Well some people learn only when they suffer. That sucks. Hopefully they appreciate you more and are more specific by default.
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