Jjust got a notification from google drive that I'm out of space. Which is weird because I only have some documentation on there.

So I go looking around and find a folder of "Earth Porn". Apparently I had forgotten to stop a script I made about a year ago that saves all the /r/earthporn top posts.

Atleast I got screensavers for a life time though.

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    Share it
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    I appreciate your love of the earth 👍
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    @DeveloperACE Good idea! I don't have access to it currently. But I could probably recreate it this weekend
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    @Pontvs same shit happened when I was downloading the magpi pdf versions, all of them, the bad part was i had 2 GB free in my C and 1.8GB was filled after downloading, thank God, it stopped there, otherwise, the script would have kept redownloading even after there 0 bytes left.
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    yrs a shareable link would be nice, as i probably send more time fiddling with my theme than anything coding/development related
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    Commenting for future link
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    Earth porn..sure it was...
    I am placing a bet of 10++, to be distributed to the posts/comments the op sees fit, saying he will never post a link. Or eventually does, after a really long time, because he had to manually download a buttload of real earth porn images to have something to post. :)

    Its on.
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    @pagongski @OP the timer is clicking!
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    @pagongski one ++ equals one prayer that i'll make it ;)
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    You've got my attention there!
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    Import-Module BitsTransfer;
    $webiste = "www.reddit.com/r/earthporn";
    $destination = "$ENV:SystemDrive\Earthporn";
    IF(!(Test-Path $destination)) {New-Item -Path $destination -ItemType Directory -Force | Out-Null};
    ((Invoke-WebRequest -Uri $webiste).links | Where { $_.href -match ".jpg" } | Where { $_.class -match "title" }).href | Foreach {Start-BitsTransfer -Source $_ -Destination $destination };
    [;] represents new line, don't use it on the code
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