DevRant makes me really proud how well developers can act together as a group. Makes me think what we could accomplish if we would take all the world's developers and programmers to one place and make our own country. Our currency will be devCoin. World domination follows shortly afterwards

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    Have you heard of potcoin, its value recently jumped 83%, and Yes its to make trade of pot easy on the net
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    @sam9669 all those crypto currencies are going nuts at the moment! I read that some guy estimates the value of Bitcoin at $10000 to 1 in 10 years and I actually believe it
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    @max-dng well for a quick profit, look at etherum, it's booming too
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    @sam9669 will check it out!
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    That escalated quickly
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    Who controls the money? Not the banks... Its the software. +1 to devland.
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    @Torbuntu pretty sure there's some devs out there that like cutting hair in their spare time, or do woodworking, or whatever. Would probably be .ore of a "hey do you wanna cut my hair?" kinds thing
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    I love the idea. But it's too unrealistic to happen.
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    @Torbuntu yea I guess that would be an issue.. was obviously just a brain fart :)
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    @DefiniteGoose devLand :) ?
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    I already claimed devLand! But im happy to share ;).

    Also software devs only need machines to translate logic into action.

    Would you let a machine cut your hair? :)
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