since im heading to my first pride parade tomorrow

any lgbt+ programmers here? ❤

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    Yup, what is the point of that tho?

    IMO, it's only used for LGBT people to distinguish themselves from normies. Not saying it's correct but that's what it sounds like.
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    @LinuxUser0001 to create visibility in the society i guess. But probably to have fun
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    @plusgut a celebration that responds to discrimination through representation and colorful celebrations of "im being who i am"

    and those who go also celebrate for those who cant (aka closeted individuals or those with poor circumstances)
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    @LinuxUser0001 its a collaborative response to discrimination against us so youre partially right
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    tho anyone who arent lgbt+ but support us are allies and are encouraged to join us so

    its barely any separation really ❤
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    @surrealcodes good for you :)
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    I'm LGBT+ too.
    Lightmindedly Giving Bros The + (bros = fellow ranters)
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    The lgbt groups here in the US are ridiculously political now, and because I'm not a liberal I'm no longer welcome.

    Talk about inclusive and tolerant 😞
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    @Ashkin That's some bs right there 😮
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    @Ashkin were all in this together

    hapy pride month!! 🌈🌈🌈
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