Does anyone else have major issues with being interrupted whilst programming

I just lose track , I have it all in my head get an email read it try and get back into it but it takes me 10 minutes

Problem is I'm the main dev. I get a lot of emails 😔

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    there was a dev here on devRant who wrote a ms Outlook plugin in order to automate and prioritize his emails. The important ones would be sent to his slack chat.
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    Handle email, Slack, etc at specific moments, like at the start of the day, after lunch and at the end of the day.

    Tell people they can use a specific channel for emergencies (an email with special keyword in the subject, a specific unmuted Slack channel), and revoke that right from abusers.
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    @Zennoe @bittersweet nice ideas thank you I'll try them both!
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    @heyheni it's if only. Had the time to do that 😂
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    @FitzSuperUser he published it on github by popular request, but I don't remember who it was.
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    I even stop my outlook app so I can concentrate 😅
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    @dotnetter I have been doing that but there's a thing of shutting my self out from clients I don't think is great
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