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So your friend wants you to make the next big Facebook or Google because they know you can code....lots of rants like that and it gets me as well when I'm fixing printers for family and friends. Thing is these people genuinely just want to do something cool and succeed so they can have a good life. They see what we can do and wish they had the same talent. They have an idea they think will be great, they don't know what we know, and they don't know that it could be the most amazing thing ever and still never take off.

They don't realize to be Facebook or Google you have to sell out your values, morals, and soul. They just think if we can code we should be millionaires. So on that philosophy after just over a year the devRant creators should be rolling in cash right? But pretty sure I saw they are still operating at a loss.

I'd love to be able to have the time to work with each of them, teach them, and guide them through that first failure and let down of realizing that coding doesn't buy a magic ticket to a new life.

// Like anyone ever really fixes a printer //

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    The same talent? I disagree in my experience everyone can learn to code. You just need the dedication and work hard for it.
    If someone want's to make a cool thing, just do it. But don't give me all the work and in reallity I get nothing.
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    @plusgut Everyone can learn to code, but I don't believe everyone can code well.
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    @harambae that may very well be true. But had nothing to do with the point I was making.
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