Any code I make for clients is under a strict license unless specified otherwise. It's a straight forward license pretty much stating that they can't sell it or claim it as their own. I've had a few clients break that license but one stood out. I had made a piece of software that cost her over $2,500 due to the amount of hours that went into it. The transaction went along smoothly so there was nothing to be alarmed about. She came back for more work about 6 months later and I decided to do some checking up on her to see how her business was going. Immediately smack bang on the home page was my software being sold for $30/month. Needless to say I was outraged. She said there was no talk of a license which I responded with pulling out the contract that she signed where it explained that signing the contract meant she was in agreement with the specified license. 2 months after this started, I'm being awarded any profits made from said software along with her closing down the website. As much of a bitch as she was, it wasn't worth my time trying to get more out of her.

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    Wow. Did she even understand the term of the contract?
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    @magicMirror Before signing that contract we each signed NDA's and apparently she thought it was just another NDA.

    Always read your contracts people!
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    @Floppy was your contract in one big unstructured wall of text like this rant?

    Maybe that's why she couldn't read it?
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    @GigaMick Funny... Yeah no, it was written up by a professional.
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