Windows is necessary evil.

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    @Torbuntu hey dude i am no god just random dude ranting about stuffs I hate
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    You spelled "unnecessary" wrong 😋
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    As I'm reading this...
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    @Ashkin Windows is like your wife you are still married because of kids (games) but you really love your gf (linux).
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    @theGOD That's what polyamory (multi-boot) is for!
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    @Ashkin if somehow there was no dual-boot i wouldn't even install Windows
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    You have to let it go. I've been clean from Windows for 2 years now and don't feel like going back.

    Awaken your hidden Stallman and get rid of it!

    (unless you need VS for work; then sorry bud)
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    Linux for ever ❤
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    The only thing I really use Windows for is Visual Studio which I only use for big C# projects. Other than that I have Ubuntu and work mostly on VS Code, even with dotnet core stuff.
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    Like Google and android
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    @dontbeevil Android is open source. You can modify or edit its core then sell as a product. Google on other hand provides wide range of services with useful api.
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    @theGOD in thirty yes, but as most of users you don't know the source code that they really used on your device, and only few people can compile and install the code by ourself... If you don't like windows, simple don't use it
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    @dontbeevil it doesnt matter that people dont fully make use of android source code. Its still open source. And for windows, there are many programs and games which makes me and many others to stick to it. And it doesn't have user friendly services. Thats why i said its evil but necessary.
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