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    Half baked stuff
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    So, who you gonna make responsible for bugs in linux? If you have bugs in linux, mainly it's because of you. You dont have skill to counteract the bugs.

    In case of other OS like windows if bugs are seen system-wide its because bad coding before selling the products. Now when user pays and still has to see bugs in system functionality, its because poor design logic of that particular OS.

    So in your post bugs doesn't seems in system core functionality but in one of open-source software poorly implying logic. That means your acquisition that all bugs appearing in linux is simply because the platform is buggy clearly shows your half knowledge of system architecture.

    So, son think before you post so you dont hurt yourself.
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    That's by brain when I fail all the modules in the 4th semester but pass the second year because I got high grade on all the modules in the 3rd semester and it's average out across the year.
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    Linux does not generate message dialogues. This is clearly a bug in some third party software and a trivial one at that (provided the constant for error instead of notice) but with a striking effect.

    In other news I don't blame Windows for iTunes giving weird error messages...
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    @theGOD just a short question: how is it his fault, when the programmer who made this wrote shitty code?
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    @Krokoklemme dude says "because linux". Is it fault of hundreds of thousands of people who contributed to this open-source project to make what it is, then someone made some faulty program which is another open source software. He is getting software for free and can contribute to remove bugs if he can unlike other os software which are "properiety" not "open-source". Why say "because linux". It clearly seems to me he has never used any linux distro, many of which have deep learning curve and when trying them you fuck up, its your fault.

    So get it?
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    @theGOD umm? Joke? I can't even see why people would get butthurt for this...
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    @nrnsuri Nothing against Linux!!!
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