So Friday evening decided to "Update and Shut Down" my window 10 laptop.

I come in Monday morning and turn it on ... "Working on updates" So far its been 15 mins and its 27%.

Oh and my other laptop at home decided to restart itself and apply updates and stayed at "Applying Update 100%" for 35 minutes, luckily i was able to watch Glastonbury via my Xbox as my GF would not of been happy missing Ed Shearan :P

How hard would it be for MS to say "Look this update is going to take 45 minutes, do you want to wait"

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    Obviously harder than they could handle
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    Well I hate to be that guy, but we all know since Windoze 10, that it really makes you install updates, if you want it or not. Lately it started to ask you when you want to restart and install them, which is a good sign.
    What I don't understand is when users blame Windows for forcing them to install updates, but on the other hand, these users don't care at all to install updates once on a while or even restart their computers. WannaCry and all those other bad programs should have showed users by now, how fucking important it is to install updates. If a user knows he has some important meeting soon or whatever, it is his own responsibility to make sure his computer is ready, meaning we should look if there are updates and install them, restart the computer, change the settings for working hours in Windows 10, so it doesn't interrupt your work. Yes, you can set your working hours.
    Don't blame Windows, be a responsible user.
    I mean this in a constructive way and don't want to attack anyone personally. 😉
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    I'm fine with updates and forcing them on people but when I agree to update and shut down I expect the next time I go to use my pic I'm not waiting 45 minutes for it to update 😂😂

    It may be the norm as I've only recently moved over to windows as my main development OS :/
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