My worst "legacy code" experience was when the company I work at couldn't get their heads out of their asses and stubbornly continued to write legacy code. As of this day they are still doing everything according to what was hip around 2004. And they even force me to write new legacy code.

New legacy code: it sounds like a paradox, but this company makes it happen.

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    I'm in the same position. Working on a company that still uses Pre-Arc (this code was done 3/4 years ago) and they refuse to update it. They even tribos that the architecture of the project is crap, but are to afraid to update it
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    @rantalicious I'm here for 5 months already and everything I need to update something I get chills down my spine... I feel like I live on the edge XD
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    That sounds too high tech XD
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    I worked from home 1 year, right now I prefer working on company office
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    I wasn't able to separate work from home, that was my problem
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    @rtannerf that offer was for which one? ;)
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