This answer is too accurate...

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    It is so nice to have a teacher who does not use red pen
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    How broad is that question even?? THE five keyfrases?
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    Seen it before, upvoting anyway
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    Every science class,if there was a question I didn't know, I always wrote Jesus is the answer!!!And drew him
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    Is wrong because he forgot to describe them, those are the correct phases.
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    Isn't is supposed to be denial then anger then bargaining?
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    @ChrRubin you can't believe it's gone, you'd do anything to get it back, you're pissed because you can't get it back, then your testosterone subsides and you're just whiny about it,then, you accept you're not as good as you told your friends.
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    @stimulate It's not too broad, almost everyone is taught some variation on: Analysis, design, implementation, testing and maintenance.

    A pretty useless way to look at things, but that's definitely what the question is looking for.
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