Achievement complete: have an app approved for TestFlight. Next goal: release to App Store.

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    Nice! You could look into fabric.io if you want to submit apps without going through Apple's review wait (though I say this since from my research it would take a couple days for review but it's down to just under 24 hours)

    Anyways fabric has some neat stuff like crashlytics which can email you the moment an app crashes with what line of code and such (sorry if I sound like I'm advertising it's just such a good testing tool)
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    Sorry meant test apps without review (for iOS, for Android it helps sending apps to people with the use of their email)
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    @f03n1x Apple didn't take long to approve my app for TestFlight. Overnight. Heck, even setting up the webpage to get people registered for testing the app took longer than it did for Apple to approve the app.
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    @ytho yeah I did some research and majority said it'd take a couple days so I went with fabric it's different now but with crashlytics you can find out if for instance an app crashed and the specific line that caused it
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