Two identical websites. Both have identical files, settings, and contents. Both have identical style.css files.

One has H1-H6 headings that display in the "Rye" font as I've specified. The other's "Rye" font is completely AWOL. I'm just getting the site default.

But the sites are exact clones of each other?!?!?!

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    Is this site for a database of the wild wests most wanted? Lol.

    Idk, if the stylesheets match then check the header.
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    Use the network tab of the browsers developer tools (F12) to check if there are missing files and the console to see if there are any rendering errors.

    That might give some indication on where the problem starts.

    If it is different servers it might be a permission error or maybe that one is https and the font server is not.
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    Ctrl + f5, clear the browser cache, etc?
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    Make sure both servers serve the fonts with the appropriate content-type header
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    It was a couple of http URLs that got mixed into the HTTPS site and made the styles go wonky. Fixed it but up til 2am sucks just to find that out.
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