Hey guys.

Does anyone have an idea of the proper way to answer this question.

It is testing your ability to communicate complex things.

"Describe the color green to a blind person"

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    Touch it, if it feels green it's green
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    yeah, will just give him/her a big blunt and then he'll know after finishing it ;)
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    That one is actually easy. The color of grass and leaves.

    You can even be a bit artsy and add that because of that, it's a color that can be associated with life and vitality.
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    Easy. I would delegate to someone better then me, who can explain it.
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    ask them: how blind? Most blind people are not completely blind. so they can technically see something. In which case, pointing at something green and tell them that's green lol.

    If they can't see anything, why do you need to describe green as a color to them? Isn't it more relevant to describe other attributes? Like the symbolism that's usually associated with green. The emotion it tries to convey etc.

    Now if they were color blind. That'd be a bit more interesting.
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    @nitnip anyone born blind will definitely know what grass and leaves looks like.

    This question is just crap in the same way as judging a fish by its ability to climb a tree.
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    @Grumm Yeah, that's my point. They'd know of those things and therefore it's easy to say "green is the color of these things you know."
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    Don't have to explain it if the person isn't born blind and got blind at an age where understanding and memory is conscious.

    If that's not the case anything will fall short, this is because that person did not experience/see it so anything you describe will be filled in by imagination. When explaining things relations have to be build. Here there is just no reference at all.
    It's like explaining to a whale how to do mobile banking. Sure they are smart but they can't and never have interacted landpeoples devices.
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    Green is the color of something positive like ok/functioning/valid/approved/checked/enabled.
    It is the opposite of red which represents something negative like broken/invalid/disabled/malfunctioning.

    Green is one of the three primary colors of the additive color system. You can get any color by mixing different amounts of green, red and blue.
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    @Lensflare im pretty sure the signaling of colors is usually depending on culture.

    in china red is good
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    @nitnip I think you missed the point.

    If someone has never seen grass or trees, how would they know the colors of the world ?

    If some old dude had picked 'red' for grass, we would all be talking about red grass. Just a name/word.
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    @thebiochemic I know. Descriptions often rely on context like culture. It doesn‘t make them wrong. Just relative. The task wasn‘t to provide the universal truth about Green. That doesn't exist anyway.
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    @Lensflare ah well thats fair enough, yeah ^^
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