Our job is safe, guys. :-)

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    I don't get it, GPT isn't wrong that 1 isn't standing..
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    @MammaNeedHummus pretty sure the others would fly off when they hear the shot
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    @MammaNeedHummus I think the remaining birds will fly away. There will be no birds left.
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    If your job requires to solve dumb riddles, then yes. But not for long.
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    @MammaNeedHummus Maybe it was a stupid question to begin with.

    The individual already had the 'correct' answers in their head so no matter how ChatGTP answered, ChatGTP would be 'wrong'.
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    @PaperTrail if chatgpt had answered: "mathematically speaking there would be 2, but because birds perceive loud noise as potential danger they would fly away from the sound of the shot and there would be none." That would be good. And if you're a sufficiently skilled "proompt engineer" you could probably get there.

    You need to provide enough context to steer chatGPT in the right direction.
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    In case some people didn't able to catch it: I did provide the exact direction for my question.

    Yeah.. The original question of this 'dumb' riddle is: how many birds are left? This opens up many interpretation. Do you mean how many birds are left alive? How many birds are left standing? How many birds stays on the tree branch? It's always wrong no matter what you answer.

    My riddle however, is not dumb, the question and the answer is obvious. How many birds are left standing on the tree branch? The answer is NONE. Null. Nada. There is no trick, mislead or confusion here. The only dumb one here is ChatGPT, for not being able to give the correct answer.
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    @sutekh42 I like to think the birds are so shocked they're stuck to the branch
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    @bigmonsterlover Dude.. you really go a long way to defend chatgpt huh. Would you listen to yourself? WTF do you mean by shoot down doesn't really mean shot down? I shot it, I didn't miss. Also there is a down word there. I downed it.

    Also, since when dead birds can stand? Can you still stand up when you are dead??
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    @daniel-wu I think the point is rather that the statement is full of assumptions about the likelihood of the situation.

    As humans having witnessed birds on branches a lot of times (which chatGPT has not) we know that the following scenario's are extremely unlikely:
    - the birds could be aligned on the branch 1 behind the other, then the bullet would have a chance to pierce a second one's wing disabling its ability to fly away.
    - the birds could be 2 stuffed animals glued to the branch and 1 real bird (that would make 3 dead and 2 on the branch)

    Also how "many birds are left, alive, on the branch" doesn't specify when: at bullet contact, 1s later, 5s later, 10min later?
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    @webketje I don’t think that underspecification is the problem here.

    It’s just that the whole scenario is purposely constructed so that the answer can be very different depending on if you just consider the technical situation or a real life situation with human experience.
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    really it depends what firmware version the birds are running
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    It’s like asking
    "If you drink 1,000 liters of water each second, how many liters of water will you have in your stomach after 10 seconds?"

    Technically, it would be 10,000 liters.
    But you could also say that it’s impossible to drink that much water and start analyzing real world possibilities.
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