That feeling when your program doesn't work but you somehow managed to do this.

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    Yeah I like those moments when you programmed something cool (but mostly useless) by mistake that would use up days if you had to do it on purpose.
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    Is that GNOME? Also nice rice
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    @Kingfisher Yes it is, thanks!
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    @jschmold Thanks! In case you wanna apply the theme yourself:
    DE: GNOME 3.22
    WM Theme: Arc-Dark
    GTK Theme: Arc-Darker
    Icon Theme: Paper
    Window Title font: DejaVu Sans Bold 11
    Interface font: DejaVu Sans Book 10
    Documents font: DejaVu Sans Book 11
    Monospace: Source Code Pro Regular 11
    Terminal Theme: Solarized Dark
    Cursor: Breeze Dark
    1. Dash to dock (set to align left and expand)
    2. Add username to top panel
    3. Coverflow alt-tab
    4. Frippery move clock
    5. Openweather
    6. Places status indicator
    7. Removable drive menu
    8. Screenshot tool
    9. Topicons plus
    11.User Themes
    12. No topleft hot corner
    13. Impatience
    14. Workspace grid

    Oh and if you want the close/minimize/maximize buttons to be on the left go to the dconf-editor and open /org/gnome/desktop/wm/preferences/button-layout and set the custom value to "close,minimize,maximize:"
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    And I thought that was a wallpaper xD
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    @dannydam holy smokes, in definitely going to try that one
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    Kaspersky says MonoDevelop.exe (yes on Linux) is the Mirai trojan. 🤔
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    @LinusCDE Just use Windows Defender. Same shit anyways.
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    @dannydam Btw I did not use Windows.
    I had some serious problems with all LoginManagers (Sddm, LightDM, ...) and needed to get via '$ startx' into my desktop.
    And just because it seemed weired to me and I did not want to get one who says: "On linux there are no viruses" and wanted to ensure I didn't got one, I fired up the 'Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10' and started a scan for my System-SSD (/home/ would have took weeks).
    After that Kaspersky claimed a trusted EncryptionLib to be a Mirai-Bot and MonoDevelop.exe a Tojan. (I confused these two in my prior comment).
    I checked those "Viruses" with Virus-Total and Kaspersky was the only one, that had detected it.

    So I guess there is nothing to worry. (Otherwise the offical Arch/Manjaro-Repos would be badly compromised)
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    @dannydam I wouldn't recomment using MonoDevelop anyways since most AVs detect it either as Trojan or Malware: https://goo.gl/vh8va2 (Scan)

    Kaspersky however seems no more to detect the Mirai-Bot. But now there are some (3) other AVs who even consider this Linux-Lib ( https://goo.gl/o6oqvo ) to be a Win32-Trojan. (Scans: https://goo.gl/4b3Efo and https://goo.gl/2VDfwz )
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    @LinusCDE You're the only person I know of who uses anti virus software on Linux lol
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    @dannydam Yes. I was just suspicous that I maybe "could" have got a virus on a 2-3 year old Linux Mashine.
    I mean there did came out viruses for Linux (mostly IoT) and it is considered foolish to download everthing from the AUR which I do.
    Maybe I will scan my Linux-Mashine in 2 years again. Better than have a AV installed constantly.
    I also use much Windows-Games via Wine and there are Videos that showed how WannaCry could easily encrypt Linux when running with Wine. Even without the Z:-Drive (because of default Symlinks).
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    @dannydam For Viruses I know or suspect of, I have a Windows 7 VM which I called Win7-VirusVictim.
    I even tested things like Jigsaw on it. :D
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