! Rant

I'm getting married on Friday.
I proposed half a year ago.

What have we done since the proposal?

- Adopted a Cnaani dog with a lot of issues and recovered her from most of them.
- went every Saturday to skydive for the whole day (almost finish the license!)
- moved apartment
- Plan and execute the wedding
- build wedding RSVP and teaser sites
- work full time as developers (me full-stack and she's an automation expert)
- go abroad twice
- I have work on a new startup with a friend (in version two right now)
- I hade my driver license classes
- went to salsa courses twice a week
- built our salsa wedding dance
- I studied Clojure, ruby on rails, Angular 2 and a little bit of React.
And more...

So why does it feel I haven't done enough?

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    Probably because you didn't finish React yet
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    Because you still haven't got marry.
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    And after you're married:
    - work
    - care for kids
    - work
    - struggle to find time to do anything else
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    I'm getting married in two weeks aswell, and all I've done for the last 6 months has been working and planning the wedding!
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    Congratulations on getting married!
    When I got married (way back in 2012) there was always this lingering sense that we forgot something. In the end it's probably nerves, like the first time you present a finished product to a client.
    Just make sure you have good food, and decent liquor at an open bar. People will talk about that for years to come if it's good.
    Also, bring comfy shoes and fresh socks to change into during pictures and after dinner, make sure your limousine has a working air conditioner, and make sure there's plenty of cool water for your wedding party -- gonna be a hell of a long day.
    Also, be on the lookout for any members of the wedding party who are hung over. It happens, and they'll look like shitheads in your photos if you don't catch it early.
    You may also wish to bring baby powder and baby wipes along in case someone gets swamp ass.
    Gonna be a long-ass day.
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    Trust me on the swamp-ass thing. Every part of a wedding day is designed to make you sweat profusely, and you don't want to be in pain before the reception even gets underway.
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