*Me Coding with a laptop and desktop when friends enter *
Friends : u r a coder right? Hack something in front of me.
Me : *sick of explaining ppl*
*SSHs into lap from desktop and shuts it down*
See. I hacked my lap
Friends : whoa! Cool man

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    I've never heard non-coders referred to as muggles lol. It makes sense though.
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    @BeardedFists I often imagine coders to be wizards and our codes to be spells
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    @BeardedFists I've called them muggles for months now, everyone knows who you mean
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    whoa! Cool man!
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    I'm adopting the muggles phraseology
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    Creativity at its best!
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    @SuryaK I can definitely understand that logic.
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    It is 2017 right??
    How do we still have so many muggles around...

    Can't we uhm.... Get rid of them?? 🤔🤔
    There has to be a desert island somewhere...

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    @RickDiculous179 a desert island? You mean Australia? :P
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